Battery Stop

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A clean and simple way to make your battery stay put in flight.

  • The Battery Stop is a small rubbery tile that is placed underneath your aircraft's flight battery. The Battery Stop provides an anti slip surface that prevents your battery from sliding to and fro during flight. Unlike semi gooey silicone mats, the Battery Stop will not pick up every last bit of dirt and dust from the field. Also, the grip on the battery is enough to stop the battery from moving during normal flight, but will allow some give should you have a large impact, this helps to reduce damage in a crash.

    Many of us have used the combination of velcro and battery straps to hold flight batteries in our aircraft, this combination works well but can be a pain to use. Prying a velcroed flight battery out of an airframe can be damaging. Battery stoppers on the other hand only grip when the battery strap is cinched down, as soon as the strap is released the battery can be removed without a fight.

    Installation is easy, peel off the back covering and stick the Battery Stop to your airframe. Several can be used to offer more coverage for larger batteries. 

    • Size: 3cm X 3cm (1.25" X 1.25")
    • Sold individually