BETAFPV 1S 300mAh 30C HV 8-pack

1S HV Batteries for the BETA 65X Whoop.
  • High Voltage 30C, 300mAh 1S batteries provided by BETAFPV specifically for the 65X Whoop.

    The batteries are sold in packs of 8. The 65X uses two batteries per flight so 8 batteries will provide 4 flights.

    Can be used to extend flight times on many 1S applications like various Tiny Whoop desings.

    Thoughts on battery care. If you want to get the best performance and greatest number of flights possible from your batteries, limit your flight times to under 2:30 secs (if your flying hard). It only takes one "too long" of a flight to damage a battery to the point that it will no longer perform as new and worse it will continue to rapidly degrade from that point on. Personally, I limit my flight times for these small 1S batteries to 2 minutes and my batteries are much happier for it.

    No of cells1
    Capacity mAh300
    Discharge Rate30C