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Bigaole 2G-A stabilizer

Bigaole 2G-A stabilizer


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  • Bigaole 2G-A stabilizer

Bigaole 2G-A stabilizer

Quick Overview

Bigaole, high performance 2 axis gyro. (Aileron & Elevator)

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The 2G-A stabilizer is a small light weight, high performance 2-axis (Aileron / Elevator) gyro. The 2G-A support 2 types of planes. Standard plan-form, and flying wing. With the latest MEMS technology the 2G-A provides excellent stability and reliability.
The extra stability that a gyro can provide will;

Allows you to fly smoothly and with more confidence in wind.
Allow a higher success rate for beginners.


Compact, easy to setup.
Works with any size plane.
Has beginner and advanced modes
Supports both standard plan-form as well as flying wing (delta).
Excellent stability.

Dimensions: 28mm*20mm*5mm
Weight: 5g(with cables)
Operating voltage: DC 3.5V-9V
Operating current drain: 20mA
Operating temperature:-15℃~65℃
Maximum angular velocity: 800 degrees/sec
Servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo, 1.52ms digital servo

  1. Don't know what the issue others are having, works fine. review by John on 6/20/2016

    I have 2 of these and have used them in a couple of planes with good results. They take a bit of playing with, but that is normal. Should have it dialed within a couple of test flights. Then sit back and enjoy. I use them in a couple of planes that just didn't feel very good in the air. Tames down the bad really quick.

  2. straight to the trash can review by Neil on 6/19/2016

    I agree completely with the previous reviewer. Slow returning controls. Jittery movements. No way would I put this in any kind of plane.

  3. Inexpensive stabilization that works but requires some tinkering for delta mixing review by Robert on 6/13/2016

    I picked one of these up for foam wing that I use for FPV. The instructions are only marginally helpful but after a bit of fussing with all the iterations of mixing a delta wing between radio, stabilizer and servo connections, I figured it out. Dip switch settings were all reversed for me. I have to say that it works as well as the Eagle Tree Guardian that I have installed in a PZ Trojan, and costs about a quarter of what that unit cost. It certainly makes hand launches a breeze!

  4. Bad product, even worse support from manufacturer review by Alan on 3/13/2016

    I purchased this in late January and got it very quickly. The product itself was nowhere near as good as Aloft's exceptional service. I installed it a few days after I got it and immediately noticed a few things wrong.

    First, in order to get the elevons to move in the right direction, the only way I could mount it on the top of my flying wing was face down. That meant I couldn't see the LED, or have access to the dip switches and gains for configuration and adjustment.

    Second, the elevons moved back to center VERY slowly no matter how the gain is set (besides zero, which then gives no stabilization movements). When I moved my transmitter's stick quickly from center to full deflection, the elevon would follow correctly, but when I released the stick back to center, the elevon moved back to center over a period of 3 seconds in a stuttering way. I didn't even attempt to fly with the stabilizer because I knew the plane would behave badly in the air.

    So I contacted the manufacturer, Bigaole, and asked a few questions in case I was doing something wrong. I immediately got an autoreply saying it's Chinese new year, and they would get back to me soon. Two weeks went by and I didn't hear back. I inquired again and didn't get any response, and it's been three weeks now.

    I don't know if I got a defective one, or if it doesn't work for flying wings like it's advertised to do, but this product didn't work for me. And Bigaole's support is basically non-existent.

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