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Bigaole 3GA V2 dual aileron stabilizer

Bigaole 3GA V2 dual aileron stabilizer


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Bigaole 3GA V2 dual aileron stabilizer

Quick Overview

Bigaole, high performance 3 axis dual aileron capable gyro.

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The 3G-A stabilizer is a small light weight, high performance, 3-axis gyro. This version 2 model allows the option of independent aileron control, so you can have the benefits of a gyro yet retain flaperon, spoileron and or differential functions. Conversely you can still use a single channel to operate both ailerons making this gyro rather versatile. The V2 has also been enclosed in an robust aluminum housing to add some protection.

The 3G-A V2 support 3 Types of planes. Standard plan-form, flying wing and V-tail. With the latest MEMS technology the 3G-A V2 provides excellent stability, flexibility, and reliability. Whether your looking for sharp predictability from a 3D plane or want to have the ability to fly smoothly in wind, this gyro is a rock solid performer.  


  • 3 modes: Gyro off, normal flight and AVCS
  • Great 3D flight performance without compromising stability.
  • Easy to set-up using independent gain adjustments for ailerons, elevator and rudder.
  • Compact design.



  • Dimensions: 22mm*31mm Weight: 23g (with cables)
  • Operating voltage: DC 3.5V-9V
  • Operating current: 20ma
  • Maximum angular velocity: 800 degrees/sec
  • Servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo/1.52ms digital servo
  • Radio compatibility: PPM / PCM / 2.4G
  • Operating Temperature: -15℃--60℃
  1. Tamed the twitch out of my F-86 EDF review by SMPRC on 6/21/2016

    My local RC club flying field is subject to crosswinds for much of the flying season and this wind is rather turbulent as it passes over the tree line before reaching the paved runway. This can cause some tense moments on final approach and rough arrivals for some of the aircraft with less inherent stability and lighter wing loading.

    My original intent buying this product was to give my HSD Super Viper EDF a little help keeping the wings level those last few seconds before its wheels contacted the runway but on that very same day, with the standard crosswind coming from behind the flight line, my Nitro Planes 90mm F-86 Sabre Jet was dancing and wiggling all over the sky. It looked ridiculous and very 'un-scale like' the way it was reacting to the cross winds. On one left-to-right pass a wind gust hit it from its starboard side and the jet was forced into a strong left roll. It took lots of right roll input to stop and then return the model to level flight. Clearly the Sabre needed this stabiliser unit more than the Super Viper.

    First chance available I swapped the Bigaole 3GA V2 unit from the Super Viper and into the Sabre Jet. I only needed one aileron connection vs the two required for the S.V. And because there were no remaining channels open in the Sabre's receiver I had no choice but to leave the Bigaole in 'rate' gyro mode, no ability to switch it off or to 'AVCS' (Heading Hold) mode. Setup was basically easy in the jet except I needed to reverse the sensing direction of the roll (aileron) axis and had to go through the blinking LED sequence a number of times before getting it to take the new direction command correctly. Once done I backed the three gain pots slightly CCW from center before the first flight with the gyro installed.

    Many flights later and I'm extremely pleased with how this Sabre seems tamed in flight. No more twitching and dancing due to wind gusts. Landings are effortlessly performed and when flying a scale model realistic flight appearance is one key to enjoying them. This gyro performs its job superbly. More will be purchased soon.

  2. A bit of a disapoitnment review by George on 5/19/2016

    I bought 2 of these. One is going to go in a TowPlane which has a separate channel for flaps. That will probably work out OK, although I wonder about the elevator and the rudder going into the same channel on this unit.
    But one was purchased for a FunFly. I have the FunFly set up with mixes for flaperon and rudder is mixed to ailerons. This airplane requires a lot of rudder to get around turns. If I read the instructions correctly faperon mix won't work with this unit. For a regular airplane the aileron channels outputs are the same. So unless the servos are set up opposite from each other it won't work. This restriction seems rather strange because there are ports for 2 aileron inputs and 2 aileron outputs. Shouldn't be that hard to allow mix.
    Another disappointment was the lack of switch channel. So apparently the unit is on all of the time?
    The instructions are not available on line and were printed out on a tiny piece of paper. I literally had to put my glasses on and use a magnifying glass to read them and even then it was difficult.
    Did come in a nice box though. And the product seems well put together.

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