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Bigaole 3GA V2 dual aileron stabilizer

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Bigaole, high performance 3-axis dual aileron capable gyro.

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  • The 3G-A stabilizer is a small lightweight, high performance, 3-axis gyro. This version 2 model allows the option of independent aileron control, so you can have the benefits of a gyro yet retain flaperon, spoileron and or differential functions. Conversely you can still use a single channel to operate both ailerons making this gyro rather versatile. The V2 has also been enclosed in an robust aluminum housing to add some protection.

    The 3G-A V2 support 3 Types of planes. Standard plan-form, flying wing and V-tail. With the latest MEMS technology the 3G-A V2 provides excellent stability, flexibility, and reliability. Whether you're looking for sharp predictability from a 3D plane or want to have the ability to fly smoothly in wind, this gyro is a rock solid performer.  


    • 3 modes: Gyro off, normal flight and AVCS
    • Great 3D flight performance without compromising stability.
    • Easy to set-up using independent gain adjustments for ailerons, elevator and rudder.
    • Compact design
      Dimensions 22 x 31mm
      Weight 23g (with cables)
      Operating Temperature -15℃ to -60℃
      Operating Voltage DC 3.5V-9V
      Current Consumption 20ma
      Max Angular Velocity 800 degrees/sec
      Servo Compatibility 1.52ms analog servo/1.52ms digital servo
      Radio Compatibility PPM / PCM / 2.4G