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Bigaole 6G-AP Flight Stabilizer with GPS (RTH)

Bigaole 6G-AP Flight Stabilizer with GPS (RTH)


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  • Bigaole 6G-AP Flight Stabilizer with GPS (RTH)

Bigaole 6G-AP Flight Stabilizer with GPS (RTH)

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logo   Bigaole, high performance 3 axis gyro with 3 axis accelerometer with GPS and return to home function.


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Welcome to the BGL-6G-AP GPS based flight controller. The BGL-6G-AP is a great product for FPV users with its auto leveling and return to home functions. It can also inspire confidence in beginners to RC flying owing to its adjustable degree of safety and autonomy. In addition to the standard 3 and 6 axis based flight stabilizers that provide our planes with auto leveling and dampened rotational angles, GPS brings us a step further with return to home. The BGL-6G-AP can be installed in any fixed wing aircraft, including flying wings (deltas) and V-tails. Installation is simple, just unplug the appropriate servos from you receiver and connect them to the BGL-6G-AP and then plug in the connections between the stabilizer and your receiver. The BGL-6G-AP has 3 flight modes: OFF, stabilize, which holds the aircraft in a level attitude and finally, return to home via GPS. All three modes can be initiated via a 3 position switch on your transmitter. So there you have it, a nice little flight controller at great price.


  • 6 axis controll (3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer).
  • GPS Return to Home (RTH).
  • 3 Modes (Off, Stabilise and RTH).
  • Return to home in the event of a loss of signal.
  • Can be configured for use on Standard plan-form, Flying Wing (Delta) or V-Tails.
  • Weight: 28g (Total incl. GPS)
  • Size: 23 X 38mm  / .905 X 1.49 inches
  • Current draw: 30mA
  • Working temperature: - 15℃- 65℃ / 59 - 149F
  • Voltage range: DC4.8V--6V
  • Servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo, 1.52ms digital servo
  • Radio compatibility: PPM . PCM .2.4G
  1. Great value! review by Dean on 7/1/2016

    I just finished setting one of these up for a friend. For the price it's a great unit. As mentioned above, be sure to set the fail safe in your receiver so it will RTH if signal is lost. AND..be sure to set location when going to a different field or it will try to return to the last place location was set for!!

  2. works great review by Ralph on 1/17/2016

    Just to let u no ,it will only return to home if u lose transmitter signal if your receiver has a preset fail safe.not all recievers can do a preset fail safe.look up preset fail safe recievers.

  3. Best value in self level with RTH. review by Andrew on 12/20/2015

    A self level stabilizer with easy to set RTH, an excellent value as insurance for failsafe in unpredictable loss of signal situations or disorientation panic while flying LOS. Installed in several of my planes.

  4. For the price, you can't beat this FC review by bmw111 on 11/10/2015

    I've had many different Flight Controllers, from Eagle Tree to FeiyuTech to Skylark, to MWii, and for the money, the Bigaole is a great performer. It's similar to the ET Guardian in terms of ease-of-use, and RTH's way better than FY-DOS (no s-turns in wind). It can't compete with Vector, but for the price, it doesn't have to. Get THREE for the price of one!

  5. Easy to install - works great review by nathan on 9/29/2015

    I wanted RTH on my VAS banshee so i could test the limits of my frsky L9R. This little guy is super easy to install and just works. Plus no funny dance moves to adjust the compass. Just power on your plane and hold the set button to set home.

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