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Receiver Mounting Kits

Receiver Mounting Kits

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Receiver Mounting Kits

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Tidy up your receiver installation with a RX mount kit.
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Bock XSR Receiver Mount Black
Bock XSR Receiver Mount Red
Bock XSR Receiver Mount Blue
Bock XSR Receiver Mount Orange
Bock XSR Receiver Mount Green
Bock X4R Receiver Mount Black
Bock X4R Receiver Mount Red
Bock X4R Receiver Mount Blue
Bock X4R Receiver Mount Orange
Bock X4R Receiver Mount Green
Bock D4R Receiver Mount Black
Bock D4R Receiver Mount Red
Bock D4R Receiver Mount Blue
Bock D4R Receiver Mount Orange
Bock D4R Receiver Mount Green

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Securely mount your receiver and clean up your installation using these reciever mounts from Bock Hobby.

The mount is based on the 36mm form factor, meaning it is compatible with any frame that will accommodate Naze32, Flip32, RMRC Dodo, APM Mini, and others.  

 Dimensions are 36 x 36 x 6.6 mm and weight comes in at 2.5 - 3 grams, depending on which parts you choose to use. The mount has ports that allow you access to the bind button, telemetry port, and the three pins needed for Sbus or PPM output. There is also a port that allows you to see the receiver status lights. 

The X4R-SB without pins and the XSR S-Bus receivers are easiest to use with this mount. The D4R and X4R can be used but will need to have the pin header removed.

You have three antenna routing options :

  1. Through a pair holes at the end of the mount.
  2. One antenna out through a hole in each side of the mount.
  3. Out of the side holes and then heat shrinked to zip ties.


You can see in the pics below, the different antenna orientations as well as the two slots for the installation of zipties. 

pic pc2 pic3 


The design has also been adapted to fit the XSR, the only difference being, there are no antenna holes in the sides of the mount so you only have two of the three antenna routing options. This mount was also designed with ports that allow easy access to the bind button, status lights, and the S-Bus/CPPM plug.

We are stocking the mounts in five colors. Black, Red, Green, Orange and Blue.

Each mount kit comes with:

  • A Receiver Mount
  • 4 Nylon Screws
  • 4 Nylon Nuts
  • 2 sm. Zipties


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