Breta Tanga F3F Double Carbon.


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Breta’s Double Carbon Slope Sword!

  • This is the heavy duty version of the Tanga F3B, AUW comes in at just under 80oz. The Tanga F3F takes advantage of the F3B’s excellent aerodynamics and adds twice the amount of carbon to the layup. This results in a much stronger airframe that is made to withstand the additional stresses that are encountered on BIG air days. The heavier layup also helps resists damage due to difficult terrain landings.

    The pushrods are pre-installed in the fuse and the ball links are pre-installed in the the V-tails.

    The kit comes with ply servo trays for the wings and fuselage, a wiring harness kit and an RDS kit for the ailerons (the RDS pockets are pre-installed in the ailerons). Wing covers, tail covers and a fuselage sleeve are also provided.

    Colors: Our current Tanga stock has white with red stripes on the top of the wing (see pics), the bottom of the wings are black with the right wing having a red and black orientation stripe.


    • Wingspan: 3060mm (120.5in)
    • Length:  1480mm (58.2in)
    • Wing Area Total:  62.12dm2
    • Airfoil : HN
    • V-tail Area: 5.685 dm2
    • Stab. Factor: 0.417

    Control system gear recommendations: (@7V)

    • Wing Servos: MKS HBL6625 4pcs. with IDS TYP MKS Trays
    • V-Tail Servos: MKS HV6125E
    • Rx: FrSky G-RX8
    •  6V(nom) 2/3A  1300mAh Battery