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Bug 1Meter Glider

Bug 1Meter Glider


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Mini Mach Sport Glider


Trotter HLG Replacement Fuselage

Bug 1Meter Glider

Quick Overview

logo Say Hi to the Bug. The super easy, assemble it in an evening, kit. 




The Bugs small size and light weight makes it a great, light lift day sloper

The bug is really fun to fly. It has very low wing loading and a high performance airfoil that gives it some exceptional flight characteristics. For instance, aerobatics; the Bug thrives on loops and rolls and has excellent energy retention. The glide ratio is excellent and the plane will ascend in very light lift conditions. The bug is a joy to fly and easy to assemble, making it a winner in our books. 

The Bugs wing is a vacuum bagged composite, sporting a high density foam core, laminated with Kevlar and Carbon Disser cloth. Additional carbon is added in strategic areas resulting in greater torsional strength and durability. The bugs pod is made of 2.4 friendly kevlar with a carbon canopy. The elevons are live hinged and pre-cut at the factory. The control horns, rods and servos are pre-installed. The servos are made by Emax and are quality parts. 



  • Span: 39.5in (1003 mm) 
  • Wing Area: 311sq.in (20.06sq.dm) 
  • Root Airfoil: Zup03068 (6.8% thick) 
  • All-up-weight: 8.7oz (249g) w 1000mAh AAA 4.8v 
  • Wing Loading: 4.02oz/sq.ft (12gm/sq.dm) 
  • Skill Level: Intermediate 


Kit Contents: 

  •  1 Wing
  •  2 servos, pushrods and control horns (pre installed)
  •  2 fiberglass over foam and balsa winglets 
  •  4 x M4 nylon screws (for the winglets) 
  •  2.4 friendly Kevlar pod with carbon canopy cover 



The airplane comes almost ready to fly. Start by trimming the four M4 nylon screws to 10mm. Screw on the winglets. Measure for CG (see note below). Tape on the pod (we used blenderm).  Plug the servos into your receiver. Install receiver underneath or over the LE of wing at the rear of the pod. Bind radio system, tighten push rod links. Double check CG (86mm). Fly! 



CG is measured 86mm, from the tip of the LE of the wing. It is easier to mark out the CG before you tape on the pod.


Any transmitter with elevon mixing will work. 


Our 4.8v 1000mAh AAA square pack is a very good fit for this glider. It allows for the widest range of CG adjustment without adding ballast.  Larger batteries could possibly be used but may require adding or removing ballast to maintain proper CG. 

Building Tools and Materials 

  • A tool for trimming nylon screws to length, wire cutter, knife, etc.
  • Philips head screwdriver 
  • 1.5mm Allen wrench, for tightening push rod links
  • Blenderm or Scotch tape  
  • Small weights for balancing (if needed)

Additional Information

Design Colors No
Version Disser
Airfoil Zup03068 (6.8% thick)
Wingspan 39.5in (1003 mm)
Wing Area 311sq.in (20.06sq.dm)
Length 15in (382mm)
Empty Weight 6.7oz (192g) (all up weight minus battery and receiver)
RTF Weight 8.7oz (249g)
Controls No
Construction No
Recommended Setup See Description
  1. Just tape on the nose and fly! review by Haoyang on 7/24/2016

    Nice little wings, with a wide speed range, for wind < 20mph.
    86mm CG is measured from LE at the center of the wings, not the wingtips.
    The 480mah NiHM pack is enough to balance the plane. https://alofthobbies.com/4-8-v-480-mah-1-3-aa-pack-flat.html

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