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BVM-8S Cell Meter

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Multi function cell meter with a backlit LCD display.

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  • The BVM-8S has four voltage display screens. The first screen displays a voltage for each of the connected cells. The second screen displays individual cell voltages, the difference between the lowest and highest cell voltages and the total pack voltage. The third screen is a pack voltage monitor which measures current pack voltage, maximum pack voltage, minimum pack voltage and pack voltage difference. The fourth screen displays individual cell voltages as a bar graph and can also be used to monitor battery health by triggering user preset minimum cell voltage or cell differential voltage alarms.

    The BVM-8S is also equipped with a number of alarms that activate the included beeper as well as flashing a red light when triggered. 


    • Weight:   23g
    • Size:       67 x 39 x 13mm
    • Compatible Battery Types:  LiPo, Lilo, LiFe (1 - 8s)
    • Minimum Working Voltage:    2.6V (1s)
    • Voltage range: .5 - 5 V (per cell)
    • Display resolution:  .001V
    • Alarm low voltage range 2.0 - 4.0V per cell
    • Reverse Voltage Protected (Will not be damaged if plugged in backwards)