Soaring Circuits CAM F5J - USA

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Competition Altimeter for Models - This is the most popular USA version.

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  • Designed specifically for F5J class and approved by the FAI for international competition as a F5J Altimeter/Motor Run Timer (AMRT); the CAM F5J is the EASY to use F5J altimeter.  No need to program anything, no need to connect it to a computer, the CAM F5J is a true plug and fly solution.

    The CAM F5J Features an easy to read LED display, 22 gauge through hole soldered cabling, an all up weight of 8 grams and a user manual. Well done.

    Dimensions .25 x .75 x 1.125inch (6.5 x 21 x 29mm)
    Weight .28oz. (8g)
    Leads 11 inches over all length (280mm) 22AWG
    Operating Temperature 32F to 140F (0C to 60C)
    Operating Voltage 3.2 ~ 8 V
    Current Consumption 25mA