Car Charger for X9D

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Charge your Taranis X9D on the go.

  • You're looking forward to a great day of flying. You've loaded all your equipment in the car and are ready to drive to the field when you realize you forgot to charge your transmitter.

    No problem! With this car charger from RC Studio you can charge your TX while driving to the field and let it continue charging while you setup your planes.

    The power supply uses a DC-DC converter that protects your TX from the vehicle's electrical system as well as providing the same charge rate that you would get charging from a wall socket. 

    The ideal voltage for charging is 12-15V. (The normal vehicle voltage range) If the input is lower than 12V volts the charge times will be longer. 


    • This unit charges the Taranis Plus X9D
    • Input voltage: 10-15V Output voltage: 15V 
    • Overall length: 120 cm 
    • The unit has an LED indicator to show that it is receiving power.
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