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Carbon Accent Plates for the Taranis X9D

Carbon Accent Plates for the Taranis X9D


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Carbon Accent Plates for the Taranis X9D

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logo  Add some bling to your X9D


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An Aloft Hobbies Original.

Made of 2X2 twill weave carbon and less than .010" thick, these laser cut accent plates replace the switch-plate and logo stickers on the Taranis X9D's. They are pretty snazzy looking with their slightly holographic effect.

Application is pretty straight forward, test fit, then apply your favorite adhesive (I used 3M super 77 spray adhesive) and carefully lay into place.



When applying these to a painted or dipped faceplate, you may find the plates will not lay flat into their respective recesses. I sanded around the edges of mine with 400 grit sandpaper on a sanding block until I was satisfied with the fit. Just FYI. 

We have noticed that some of the plates have a protective film of plastic attached to the surface. You will want to check your plates for this and remove it before applying adhesivie. The protective film will prevent the glue from adhering to the surface as well as detracting from the overall look of the carbon. This film can be easily removed by rubbing the film with your thumb, from the outside edge inward. The film should just roll up underneath your thumb.

  1. Looks pretty nice review by Steven on 8/7/2016

    I purchased this accent kit for my Taranis X9D and received it in the mail very quickly. As the description says, you'll need to do a little sanding and make sure the film coating had been removed. I did have some trouble with the switches falling inside when removing, so if you have a way to tilt the Taranis forward while applying the CF inserts you'll save a lot of headache. It was a bit more of a job than I was hoping, but the results are well worth $5.00.

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