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Cedar 1.6 Meter


A beautiful modern classic, combining modern composites with the elegance of wood.

  • The Cedar 1.6 meter slope glider will be sure to turn heads at your local slope with its great performance, clean lines and beautiful wood sheeted wings. 

    Aerospace grade epoxy resin and strategically placed carbon tow is used to carry the load while keeping everything light and strong, yet flexible enough to take those hard landings. 

    Everything comes nearly pre finished, particularly the wings which are coated in a silky smooth, furniture like wood finish and are ready to slip onto the fuselage, the only finish work is the final assembly of the v-tail parts and attaching them to the fuselage.  Then you'll just need to mount a servo tray in the hatch opening.


    The hatch opening is located on the bottom of the fuselage. While unusual on slope gliders, this is a pretty common practice on thermal and F3F gliders. It affords more strength to the nose of the glider should it have a hard landing. As a plus it also gives a cleaner and meaner look to the top of the Cedar. The canopy stay is simple and works very well and molded depression fits the canopy and keeps it in place.

    Transportable! Pull off the wings and tail and you have a very compact and very portable airframe. 


    The Cedar is able to be built out very light, as to obtain a very low wing loading and to take advantage of lighter conditions, however it should be happy on windier days once ballast is added.

    No build instructions are included, but those who have outfitted a glider should find the build to be pretty straightforward.