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Chamomile - 1.7m Electric Glider by PILOT


A middleweight 1.7m glider that has a beautiful planform.

  • Introducing the Chamomile produced by Japanese manufacturer PILOT. 

    The Chamomile is a 1.7 meter electric glider with a fully sheeted built up wing construction and a stiff yet light fuselage. This makes the Chamomile a middleweight electric glider that is tougher than the typical film over balsa rib thermal ships. The Chamomile sports ailerons, a flap and a V-Tail. The flap spans the center section of the wing and is controlled by a single servo in the fuse. The ailerons are controlled by independent servos. The servo pockets are precut and the control surface hinges are pre-installed. The fuselage is laid up from 2.4GHz friendly fiberglass and sports a pre-attached beautifully made and machined carbon tail boom. The entire unit feels good in the hand, not too soft / flexy and not too heavy. FYI, the motor mount is preinstalled and somewhat thick, requiring a motor with a longer than usual shaft. 

    In the small bits department the kit comes with control horns, screws  for mounting the motor, shrink tubing for the servos (for gluing servos into the wing) and for the servo extensions (keeps them from coming unplugged), a ply servo tray and some velcro.  Carbon wing joiners, music wire control rods and tubes, servo covers and a V-Tail assembly jig round out the kit. A assembly manual (with decal set) is included. The manual is written in both English and Japanese and has pictures that greatly simplify understanding the task at hand.

    Span1780mm (70.8in)
    Length1148mm (45.2in)
    Wing Area30.2dm2 (468in2)
    All Up Weight730~760g (25.7~26.8oz)
    Motor300w approx
    No of Servos5
    ControlsAil, Flp, Rud, Ele
    Battery3s 800~1500 approx- depending on balance/runtime needs