Cicada F4 30A all in one Flight Controller


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Includes OSD and 5V BEC.

  • Cicada has been a trusted name in ESC's for a while now, from their single ESC's to the popular 4-in-1; Sunrise now offers their 4in1 with an F4 flight controller, OSD and 5V BEC for connecting your Rx.

    Note: the flight controller mounting holes have live voltage from Vbatt. You will want to use the included nylon standoffs to avoid shorting Vbatt to ground through the frame.


    • Supported ESC firmware : BL Heli DShot
    • Mounting Hole Spacing : 30.5mm x 30.5mm
    • Betaflight Board Target : VGOOD
    • Positively Charged Mounting Holes : Nylon Standoffs Required
    Continuous Current 30A
    Burst Current 35A
    BEC 5V (1A)
    Dimensions 36mm x 36 mm
    Weight 22g
    Operating Voltage 3-4s Lipo