Cicada F4 30A all in one Flight Controller

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Includes OSD and 5V BEC.
  • Cicada has been a trusted name in ESC's for a while now, from their single ESC's to the popular 4 in 1; Sunrise now offers their 4in1 with an F4 flight controller, OSD and 5V BEC for connecting your Rx.

    Note: the flight controller mounting holes are live voltage from Vbatt. You will want to use the included nylon standoffs to avoid shorting Vbatt to ground through the frame.

    Supported ESC FirmwareBL Heli DShot
    Constant current
    Burst current
    Voltage3-4s Lipo
    BEC5V (1A)
    36mm x 36 mm
    Mounting Hole Spacing
    30.5mm x 30.5mm
    Betaflight Board TargetVGOOD
    Positively Charged Mounting HolesNylon Standoffs Required

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