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Citron2 - 1.1m Electric Glider by PILOT Motor Included

An ultra compact, easy to transport, fly anywhere electric glider.

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  • The 1.1 meter Citron2 is the perfect on-the-go companion; easy to stash in the car, the Citron2 makes a great grab and go aircraft for that quick flight at lunch time, or release some tension and grab a flight on the way home from work. With it's classic dihedral wing and super light weight of 290 grams this little power floater offers a lot of potential fun, relaxation and enjoyment.

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    The Citron2 is a 1.1 meter electric glider with a built up wing construction and a stiff yet light fuselage. This puts the Citron2 in the lightweight electric glider class. The Citron2 is a rudder and elevator ship only.  As part of the build process the builder has to join the three wing sections together to form a one piece wingThe fuselage pod is molded plastic and has enough thickness to have good rigidity, it feels good in the hand; not too flexy. The tail boom is a hollow pultruded carbon tube that is a good balance between rigidity and weight.  

    In the small bits department the kit comes with control horns, screws  for mounting the motor, ply servo trays and some velcro and fiberglass. Music wire control rods, servo covers and a jig for gluing on the epenage round out the kit. An assembly manual (with decal set) is included. The manual is written in both English and Japanese and has good pictures that greatly simplify understanding individual tasks.

    We have decided to include an AEO C20 Pro 1550kv motor in the box with the Citron2 as a compact, lightweight solution for power.

    You will have to drill out the motor shaft hole in the firewall as to accommodate the motor's e clip.

    Span1130mm (44.4in)
    Length795mm (31.3n)
    Wing Area18dm2 (279in2)
    All Up Weight260~290g (9.1~10.2oz)
    Motor±150w approx
    No of Servos2
    ControlsRud, Ele
    Battery3s 450 approx- depending on balance/runtime needs