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CLM Electro Fuselage set 114 Glass, Carbon


Composite molded fuselage sets by CLM Pro.

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  • We are excited to be carrying the CLM Pro line of pod and boom fuselages. They can be used as replacement parts or as inspiration for the do it yourselfer.  

    This is one of CLMs electro fuselage sets. It is sized for a 30mm spinner. The firewall is molded as one piece with the fuse and so is very strong. The wing saddle is designed for the AG series of airfoils. The pod is constructed of fiberglass cloth and has ample carbon tow reinforcements in all the critical areas. The carbon boom is 700 mm (27.75" approx) long and weighs 22g (0.07 oz).The carbon tail boom is made from several carbon types. The materials are strategically positioned so that maximum strength and minimum weight are achieved. 


    • Pod Length: 382 mm / 15.03"
    • Wing Saddle Cord: 175 mm / 6.88"
    • Wing Saddle Profiles: AG Series
    • Dihedral angle 0°
    • Pod Boom Diameter: 19 mm ID / 0.748"
    • Weight 35g / 1.23oz
    • Carbon Tail Boom Length 700 mm / 27.55"
    • Tail Boom Wide End: 19 mm ID / 0.748"
    • Tail Boom Narrow End: 11.5 mm OD / 0.452"
    • Tail Boom Wall Thickness: 0.5 mm / 0.019"
    • Tail Boom Weight: 22g / 0.77oz