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CLM Fuselage set 133 with Ballast System


Composite molded fuselage with ballast for wingspans of up to 4 meters.

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  • This fuselage pod is primarily constructed of 2.4Ghz friendly Kevlar cloth. Carbon tow reinforcements have been added in strategic areas to increase durability and decrease flexure. The resulting structure can endure rough landings. The wing pylon is designed for AG series airfoils and has been carefully engineered to reduce drag. The pylon is also designed so it does not interfere with flap deflection.

    This Pod is suitable for wingspans up to 4 meters (157.5") and will work well for the F5J, F3J, ALES classes. The roomy carbon canopy allows for easy installation and maintenance of radio gear. The pod color is a white, durable, UV resistant gelcoat.

    The Ballast Set:

    The ballast tube is made from kevlar and is pre-installed into the fuselage. The ballast tube is removable. The 10 ballast slugs are CNC'd from solid brass and have a hole machined through the center so they can be threaded onto a wire. The first and last slugs have set screws that can be tightened onto the wire and hold the whole group in place.


    • Pod Length: 780mm (30.70")
    • Wing Cord: 260mm (10.23")
    • Wing Saddle Profiles: AG Series 
    • Dihedral angle 2.5° each side
    • Pod Boom Diameter: 30mm ID (1.18")
    • Pod Weight 174g (6.13 oz)
    • Carbon Tail Boom Length 1010mm (39.76")
    • Tail Boom Wide End: 30mm (1.18")
    • Tail Boom Narrow End: 15 mm OD (0.59")
    • Tail Boom Wall Thickness: .65mm (0.025")
    • Tail Boom Weight: 65g (2.29oz)
    • V-Mount Inside Diameter: 18mm (0.70")
    • V-Mount Weight: 6g / 0.21oz
    • Height, V-Mount: 50 mm (1.96")

    Ballast Set Specs:

    • 10x CNC milled cylindrical brass weights - 50x16mm, weighing 77.5 grams each
    • 1x kevlar tube - length 510mm 
    • 1x plastic coated steel wire to hold the weights in place
    • Various bolts for fastening and the required allen key