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CLM Prebuilt Tailset 3


For gliders with 2.5 ~ 3 meter wingspans

Only 1 left

  • Here we have a prebuilt tailset designed for gliders with wingspans from 2.5m up to 3m. (98" - 118").

    The tailset is constructed from laser cut ribs covered with carbon cap strips. The main spar and trailing edge are from pultruded carbon. Additional carbon reinforcements have been added to the mounting areas. The vertical stabilizer has a pre installed kevlar hinge. The tails are covered in lightweight Oracover. The tails are designed to mount to CLMs V-mount and tailboom. The elevator slides onto the V-mount and is retained with a screw. The rudder has been made with a carbon tube receiver that slips over the end of the tailboom and is glued into place. The tails also be adapted to the needs of the creative builder.

    This tail group is compatible with CLMs, #121, #122 and #125 fuselage sets.

    The Tail Sets we have in stock are covered in Transparent Red Oracover.

     Tail specifications

    Horizontal stabilizer:

    • Width: 500 mm / (19.68")
    • Depth: 104 mm / (4.09")
    • Tip depth: 95 mm / (3.74")
    • Weight: 17g / (0.59 oz)
    • Area: 4.97dm2 / 77.03 sq in

     Vertical stabilizer:

    • Height: 260 mm / (10.23")
    • Width: 145 / 80 mm -  (5.70" / 3.14")
    • Weight: 17g (0.59 oz)
    • Area: 2.92dm2 / 45.26 sq in