Crossover Receiver USB Configuration Tool

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This USB tool allows for many programming options as well as firmware updates on various Crossover receivers when coupled with the Crossover user interface, which you can download HERE

How to use:
1. Install, then open the CrossOver-RX Tool software (above).
2. Insert the MX-PG02 Configuration Tool into any open USB port on the PC, the software should recognize it and display something like "USB-SERIAL CH30"
4. Verify that the microswitch on the configuration tool is in the proper position, I for a 3-wire MBUS, II for a 4-wire MBUS.

5. Before proceeding please verify the following conditions, or damage may result.

  • -Verify that there is no battery connected to the receiver.
  • -Verify that the receiver is not bound to your transmitter.
  • -Verify that there is not a large servo load, the MBUS circuit cannot handle a lot of power.
  • -Look at the diagram for each receiver to find which servo port is the MBUS port, other ports will not work.

6. Connect the wire from the MX-PG02 Configuration Tool to the MBUS port on your receiver.

7. Press the "Connect" button on the CrossOver-RX Tool software GUI, sometimes it requires more than one attempt to establish the connection.

8. Remember to press save after making any changes!

9. Press the "Disconnect" button before disconnecting the receiver.

Supported OS: WIN7-WIN11 X64

You may need to download VC Runtime to run this application.

Crossover Receiver USB Configuration Tool
Crossover Receiver USB Configuration Tool