KST Servo Programming Tool #1

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The KST Servo Programming Tool #1 is a manual programmer that allows you to program your KST V6.0 and up servos. Set servo endpoints, mid point and servo direction with this handy tool. 

NOTE: Pay special attention to your input voltage, it must be within 4.8 - 8.4v and within your servo's voltage range as the KST Servo Programming Tool#1 has no step down voltage regulator. Whatever voltage you put in through the XT60 comes out at the servo ports.

How to use:

1. Output interface: There are two rows of contacts, for programming one servo. The second row are spares. To connect a servo, orient the servo plug so the orange wire is aligned to the "S" mark, and the brown wire to the "-" mark.
-- = servo negative = brown
+ = servo positive = red
S = servo PWM signal = orange

2. Power-on and setting operation steps

2.1. Connect the power supply. After power-on, Tool#1 will enter self-test mode. After the self-test is successfully completed, the buzzer will sound twice, and the power light above P_LED will blink green. You can now connect the servo.

2.2. After checking the correct voltage connect the servo to the RC plug port. After connecting a servo, the Tool#1 will automatically recognize and output a 1500us PWM signal to command the servo to the midpoint location. At this time, the LED below 1500us will turn red and the Tool#1 will enter midpoint setting mode.

2.3. Midpoint setting:

After entering midpoint setting mode, press the "+" or "-" buttons below the 1500us label to set the required servo arm position for the midpoint PWM value, then press the Enter button to confirm. After the confirmation is successful, the buzzer will sound once. This indicates that midpoint setting is completed and the Tool#1 will enter left and right endpoint setting mode.

2.4. Left and right endpoint setting:

Press the "+" or "-" button below the 1000us label to set the max output arm movement in the low PWM signal direction. Then press the "+" or "-" buttons below the 2000us label to set max movement in the other direction. Then press the Enter key to send this info to the servo. The buzzer will sound once to indicate that the left and right endpoint setting has been successfully made. The green power light above P_LED will also start flashing, indicating that all operations have been completed and Tool#1 will enter waiting state, ready for another servo to be connected.

2.5. To only set the servo midpoint position, enter the midpoint setting mode and press the Enter button twice once you are finished. To only set the left and right movements, after entering the midpoint setting mode, press the Enter button once to enter the left and right stroke setting mode. When finished, press the Enter button to complete the servo setup.

3. Use of "CW/CCW" button
3.1. CW = clockwise; CCW = counter-clockwise.

3.2. After entering the left and right endpoint setting mode, press the "CW/CCW" button to reverse the servo rotation for a given change of input signal. Then press the Enter key to confirm.

4. The Reset button. The Reset button only resets the Tool#1, and does not reset the connected servo.

KST Servo Programming Tool
KST Servo Programming Tool
KST Servo Programming Tool

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