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Double wall pushrods

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.031" music wire, 39.5"in long.

  • We have sourced these pushrods from Europe and have been using them for a while now. They are constructed using a double wall design; a tube in a tube design and we have been impressed with them. The inner casing, is so slippery the rods can be looped into nearly a circle and still have reasonably low friction. The outer casing is the bondable layer. Scuff it up with sandpaper and glue it into position using CA, Epoxy etc.


    • Pushrod - .8mm (.031in) music wire
    • Inner Casing - ID. 1mm (.041in) OD. 1.97mm (.076in)
    • Outer Casing - ID 2.2mm (.088in) OD. 2.9mm (.114in)
    • Overall Length - 1meter (39.5in)
    • Sold Individually