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A precision digital tuning tool.

  • Whether you fly in competitions or are just plain fascinated and exacting with your aircraft tuning, a digital CG scale might be just the tool you are looking for.

    It works like this.

    With the plane setting in the yokes and the wings leading edge touching the vertical pins, the scale weighs the aircraft and calculates the CG similar to the way the CG is calculated for a full scale plane. The Arduino display shows both, the all up weight of the aircraft as well as the center of gravity in millimeters from the wings leading edge. The relatively high capacity of these scales allows you to CG your aircraft with the ballast on board. This makes ballast adjustments and CG tuning a snap.

    Construction. At the heart of the scale are two highly sensitive, bending beam load cells. The load cells are connected to an Arduino CPU and the scales frame and yokes are 3d printed.

    We have two versions of this scale for you to choose from. A maximum load rating of either 4kg (8.8lb) F5J/F3K or 8kg (17.6lb) F3F/F3B.

    Will accomodate fuselage widths upto 1.75" wide.

    The scales are shipped ready to use.

    • 9V battery preinstalled
  • Customer Reviews

    Awsome Tool

    What an amazing tool. Sooooo much easier and more accurate than balancing. The only thing I would like to see different is a 2nd set of yokes that can accommodate a fatter fuse. The ones it comes with just barely fit my Espada RL-e fuse. It did work on my mini jw wich I love. The whole thing is 3d printed so a 2nd set of yokes should not be hard to make.

    Note: Aloft Hobbies is working on an improved version that will accomodate larger models as well as a few other tricks. :) Review by Judd • (Posted on 3/20/2018)

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