DIY Deal 9.6 V 2600 AA NiMH Transmitter Pack (Horus, X9E)

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Here is a really good deal on a great Tx pack.

  • We recently received a shipment of transmitter packs that arrived with the wrong plugs. Physically the batteries fit in the X9E and the Horus X12 but the appropriate plug needs to be soldered on before the pack can be used in those radios. So, we are offering these at a much reduced price to anyone who would like to have one. They are brand new, fresh cells; not old stock. Made of high quality matched 2600 mAh AA LSD NiMH cells using 22 AWG wires

    At the bottom of this page we have included a link to a battery extension lead that you can cut apart and solder to this pack to make it work with X9E or X12 transmitters.

    • Sold individually
    Dimensions103 x 58 x 15mm (4.05 x 2.28 x .59in)
    Weight247g (8.7oz)
    Nominal Voltage9.6
    Nominal Capacity mAh2600
    Standard Charge mA260 (0.1C)
    Fast Charge mA1300 (0.5)
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage8
    Maximum Discharge Current mA3900 (1.5C)
    Cell TypeAA NiMH LSD
    Connector TypeN/A