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Dream 1

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RC paper airplane, anyone?

  • If you can fold a paper airplane you can fly the Dream1. This self contained RC control and power unit clips into a paper airplane and with the control ring placed upon your finger you can fly the dream 1 around the park or indoors at the gymnasium. 

    Learning to fly the Dream 1 is easy. The control ring utilizes an accelerometer to detect the motion of your hand and finger. When you point your finger at the horizon for 3 seconds, the controller initializes and flight can begin. Pointing your finger above the horizon will increase motor speed causing the plane to climb, conversely pointing below the horizon will decrease motor speed and altitude. Roll your wrist to the left the plane turns left, roll your wrist to the right and the plane turns right. Pointing your finger straight down for more than three seconds stops communication between the controller and the plane. Easy peasy.

    The Dream 1 has built in batteries that charge from a USB port in a bout 20 minutes and yields about 8 minutes of flight time. 

     Comes with:

    • A power / receiver unit
    • Transmitter ring
    • USB charge cable
    • 3 printed sheets for paper airplanes
    • Replacement protective foam nose bumper
    • Instructions