Dualsky 1800mAh 3s Transmitter Lipo Pack JR Connector


Lighter than NiMH.

Only 2 left

  • Power Transmitters that have JR style power plugs with this light weight 3s 2000mAh lipo transmitter pack from Dualsky. This pack has a built in voltage meter that allows you to see the pack voltage at the touch of a button.

     If your transmitter is designed to charge a Nimh pack; Do Not use it to charge a Lipo pack! Doing so will most likely cause the Lipo to overcharge and catch on fire!
    Dimensions 69x 42x 27mm (2.7x1.6x1.06in)
    Weight 136g (4.8oz)
    Nominal Voltage 11.1V
    Nominal Capacity mAh 1800
    Standard Charge mA 1800 (1C)
    Cell Type Lithium-Ion Polymer
    Maximum Discharge Rate 20c
    Cells 3
    Max Burst Discharge Rate unspecified
    Connector Type JR
    Wire Gauge 26g supply, 22g balance, 16g charge
    Wire / Plug Length 65mm (2.5in)
    Balance Connector JST-XHR-4P