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Dualsky ECO 2312C-V2 1150kv Motor


Great motor for airframes requiring a 400 size motor

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  • Designed for use with sport or performance planes 400 to 800 grams, that require a 400 size motor. The C-Series V2 motors are powerful yet very light and are a solid choice for your next build.  

    Dualsky motors are manufactured to high tolerances using high quality materials and are fairly priced.  

    So whether you fly in competitions or just love free flying, the DUALSKY C-Series V2 motors will help you keep your all up weight down and your thrust to weight ratio up.

    Comes with motor mounting screws, aluminum motor mount, female bullet connectors for the ESC and a bolt on prop hub with a 3.17mm shaft.

    Technical info:

    Eco SeriesECO 2312C-V2 
    Stator Wind9.5 Turns
    Stator Teeth / Mag. Poles12 / 14
    Weight w/o wires58 grams
    Outer Diameter28.8mm
    Shaft Dia.3.175 mm
    Motor Mount Hole Spacing16x16mm
    Motor Idle Current @ 10V0.7A
    Winding Resistance90.8 mOhm
    Max Efficiency Current14A
    Burst Current (15s)23A
    Peak Power Output (15s)276 Watts
    Recommended ESC22A min.
    Recommended Propellers(2S) 11x7 / 12x6  (3S) 9x6 / 10x5
    Prop Thrust Test Data 
    Prop Thrust Test Data 
    Airframe Recommendation400 motor size