Dualsky FC-120

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FC120 3-axis airplane flight controller

  • Get ready for three levels of stabilization! 

    Stabilizers are great! They make small planes feel larger, they compensate for turbulence, tame aircraft that have "character" and are super helpful for beginner pilots.  This model has two flight modes:

    Aerobatic Mode:  In Aerobatic mode the the flight controller works to help pilot maintain heading and attitude during flight.  

    Gyro Off modeThe pilot has 100% full control / no help from the stabilizer.


    • Utilizes MEMS single chip, gyroscope 
    • 32 bit ARM MCU processor
    • Proprietary flight control algorithm
    • The sensitivity of each channel can be set independently of the others
    • Supports single or double servo ailerons, flying wings and V-tails
    • Supports flaperon mixing
    • Gyro can be turned off
    • SBUS compatible
    Dimensions 36.1x27.5x12mm (1.4x1.1x0.47in)
    Weight 10g (0.35oz)
    Operating Temperature 14~113° (-10°~ +45°C)
    Operating Voltage DC 4.0~8.4V
    Current Consumption 44mA