Dualsky Typhoon Series XM2203TY-16

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F3P Competition motors.

  • This product belongs to Dualsky's X-Motor series of indoor performance motors. Designed for use in F3P competitions, the X-Series motors are powerful yet very light. Features include open base motor design, hollow motor shafts, high torque windings utilizing large diameter, but thin stators and lightweight but strong fiberglass motor mount plates. All of these things culminate into the competition level motor you see here.

    So whether you compete in F3P or just love free flying F3P style air frames, the DUALSKY X-Series motors will help you keep your all up weight down and your thrust to weight ratio up.

    Comes packaged in a clear plastic jewel case, with mounting screws, four prop saver o-rings, a larger optional motor mount and a set of stickers.


    X-Motor Typhoon Indoor SeriesXM2203TY-16
    Stator Wind17T - Y Termination
    Stator Teeth / Mag. Poles12 / 14
    Weight w/ wires12.5 grams
    Outer Diameter26mm
    Shaft Dia.3mm, Hollow
    Motor Mount Hole Spacing30 x 33 mm M1
    Motor Idle Current @ 10V0.17A
    Winding Resistance270 mOhm
    Average Wattage under Cruise (5mins)20 Watts
    Burst Current (15s)5.0A
    Peak Power Output (15s)37 Watts
    Recommended ESC6 A
    Prop Thrust Test Data (9 x 2.3)in.NA
    Prop Thrust Test Data (9 x 3)in.
    See Below
    Prop Thrust Test Data (GWS 8 x 4.3)
    See Below
    Airframe RecommendationUp to 150g F3P / Indoor Freestyle Models