Dynamic 40

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The D 40, a zippy-fun slope plane that is also a 250mph+ Dynamic Soaring ship!

  • Dynamic 40″

    This is the first production plane from Manor Models. Top recorded speed so far is 261 mph!

    The tiny pint sized speeder will fit anywhere, and go everywhere. Perhaps the smallest fully molded glider ever made, the 40 is equally as much fun on the front of a slope as it is turning DS laps. If you’ve had an interest in DS, and have cut your teeth with a little foam round the darkside, this is THE ultimate next step towards serious DS performance. They are unbelievably robust for those beginner “learning” experiences.  We’ve seen them cartwheeled, planted half way up to the wing, and have even been fallen on and they just don’t ever seem to break! And aside from that, they are incredibly great fun to fly. 

    Here is a short video that will give you a taste of the D40’s performance.

    Please contact us for available colors.