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F4 Flight Controller, PDB, OSD, all in one.

  • DYS's new F4 flight controller is packed with features and plugs into DYS's new 4 in 1 ESC's.

    If you will be using FrSky receivers with this flight controller you may find the video below to be helpful with understanding the specific needs of the F4 Pro when using Sbus.

    The link to the instruction manual can be found on this page.


    • OMNIBUSF4 firmware
    • Processor STM32F405 GRT6, refresh rate up to 8K 
    • 3OZ copper PCB enhances current handling capacity
    • 5V 3A BEC output
    • Compatible with all ESCs, as well as the PNP DYS 4-in-1 esc's
    • Integrated OSD,  no need to flash firmware additionally, debug OSD via BF ground station 
    • Integrated current meter to monitor real-time power consumption 
    • Adjust the PID's via OSD and transmitter 
    • Change the video transmitters output power, band and channel, using a transmitter 
    • Includes 4 soft mount grommets to reduce vibration and increase stability 
    • Voltage operating range 2-6s 
    • Net weight: 11.2g (excluding wire harness)
    • Size: L42 x W36mm, hole distance: 30.5x30.5mm
    • Gyro: MPU6000
    • Includes PPM VTX and RSSI VTX outputs running at 3.3V