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Some more Go-Fast goodies from DYS. The XM20A V2 Racing ESC

  • The new DYS XM20A V2 ESCs are specially designed for high KV power racing motors. The small size makes for a cleaner and easier installation and are matched perfectly with the DYS SE2205 brushless racing motors. This is the same ESC as the V1 with the addition of motor wires.


      • The XM series have advanced processors, and a base frequency up to 50MHz to better support high KV motors
      • BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware
      • Tuned for quick throttle response
      • Twisted cable pairs are used to reduce signal crosstalk 
      • A newly designed, smaller PCB combined with ultra-low resistance MOSFETs, has improved efficiency
      • The lighter weight PCB board also improves impact resistance.
      • Reduced physical size without compromising power filtration
      • Utilizes a throttle signal refresh rate of up to 500Hz, compatible with all modern flight controllers, including the Naze32, Rev6 and SP Racings' F3
      • Ultra-high speed Oneshot125 with 3000Hz refresh rate provides quick, smooth throttle response 
      • Fully programmable via USB port, with two-way and 3D modes for high speed racing and acrobatics
      Dimensions 24 x 14 x 4.5mm
      Weight 5.8g
      BEC type/size No
      Input Voltage 3-4s Lipo
      Continuous Current 20A
      Burst Current 25A