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Lightweight and powerful.

  • The new DYS XSD12A ESCs are specifically designed for super high KV motors and are DShot compatible for quick and smooth throttle response! 


    • The XSD 12A utilizes high-performance EFM8BB21 50MHz MCU's tuned for quick throttle response
    • Twisted cable pairs are used to reduce signal crosstalk 
    • A newly designed, smaller PCB combined with ultra-low resistance MOSFETs, has improved efficiency
    • The lighter weight PCB board also improves impact resistance
    • Reduced physical size without compromising power filtration
    • Supports DShot600, DShot300, Multishot and Oneshot125  
    • Firmware upgradeable via signal wire (works with USB Linker for XM series)
    Continuous Current 12A
    Burst Current 15A for 10 seconds
    BEC No
    Dimensions 15.4 x 11.5 x 4mm
    Weight 1.12g
    Operating Voltage 2-3s Lipo