• Moving from an analog to a digital protocol such as DShot results in higher resolution motor control and is one reason that motors run smoother on DShot. Another reason is that data reliability and accuracy are significantly increased due to the digital protocols ability to check for data packet errors and reject any corrupted packets. And finally, at 1200 kilobytes per second the DShot protocol is now faster than Multishot and has all the benefits of being digital. We cannot think of any reason to continue using analog protocols.

    A brief background in DShot.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Dshot is I will provide a very basic summary of how it is different from the PWM protocols we have been using to communicate with our ESC's.

    The Analog

    PWM or "pulse width modulation" is the analog protocol that the flight controller uses to communicate with the ESC's. The flight controller and the ESC's both rely upon their own, built in oscillators (clocks) for communication of the PWM signal. When we calibrate our ESC's we are synchronizing the flight controller oscillators to the ESC's. These oscillators, even when they have been calibrated, don't always run at exactly the same speeds which can result in the PWM signal not being measured accurately by the ESC, resulting in the ESC not responding to flight controller commands as quickly as it could.  This ultimately results in vibration and less precise flight.

    Going Digital

    Dshot no longer uses a PWM protocol but instead, it streams a string of binary ones and zeros to the ESC's. This high speed data stream is sent to the ESC's in such a way that the ESC's have the ability to check and verify the individual data packets for errors and reject the corrupted packets resulting in more accurate ESC response.


    •  No more throttle calibration, yay!
    •  Higher communications rates between FC and ESC's potentially allowing for higher P&D values.
    •  Greater signal precision equals less motor oscillation resulting in smoother performance.
    •  Digital communication stream is less affected by electrical noise.

    Make sure to double-check the equipment that you purchase to ensure that your flight configurator AND flight controller are compatible with Dshot.

    Continuous Current 30A
    Burst Current 35A
    BEC No
    Dimensions 30x15x6mm
    Weight 7.2g
    Operating Voltage 3-5s Lipo