Electronics Safe Silicone Adhesive


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A High Dielectric, Non Corrosive, Sealant / Adhesive. 

  • Recommended to us by a customer, we have found GC Electronics Silicone to be just the thing for gluing down Ipex antenna connections, creating wiring strain reliefs and even using it as an electrical insulator / sealant. For instance if you wanted to make water tight wire splices in a RC seaplane or sailboat you could coat your solder connections and apply shrink tubing before the silicone sets, for a water tight seal. 

    GC Electronics Silicone is a one part, non-corrosive electronics grade silicone sealant. It is an excellent adhesive for many electrical and electronic applications where corrosion is a problem to metals, particularly copper, brass, silver, etc..

    • Remains flexible between -70° ~ +390°F (57° ~ 199°C)
    • Dielectric Properties 460V / mill
    • Sold individually in 3fl oz tubes (90ml)