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Emax Skyline 32 Flight Controller (naze)

Emax Skyline 32 Flight Controller (naze)


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Emax Skyline 32 Flight Controller (naze)

Quick Overview

Emax Skyline, Naze 32 based Flight Controller Acro Version

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"Once you fly this you will sell all your CC3D boards, especially if you don't use auto level modes and fly acro."

Nuff said.... 

Selling points:

  • Cleanflight & Baseflight supported. (The SKYLINE32 is flashed with Baseflight)
  • Unique wire-to-board connectors for easier wiring.
  • Thin and light weight design.
  • L883 digital, three-axis compass, sensor chip.




  • Acrobatic Version
  • 32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3V / 72MHZ.
  • Manual mode, Angle mode, Horizon mode, heading hold mode.
  • Supports various multirotors, Quads, Tri-s, Hexes - ect.
  • Flexible RC input: standard, CPPM (PPM SUM)
  • Battery voltage monitoring and low alarm.
  • Micro-USB: For flashing firmware & adjusting parameters
  • GPS position hold / “Return to home” function (GPS Optional).



Dimension: 1.37 x 1.37 x .196" / 35mm x 35 mm x 5 mm (1.2" or 30.5mm Mounting)
Weight: 0.169oz / 4.8g  (W/O wires)




1x SKYLINE32 Acro V2 

2x RC breakout cable



Note: SKYLINE32 hardware is compatible with NAZE32 firmware, including cleanflight, baseflight. Below are the links to the source codes:


SKYLINE32 is loaded with baseflight and Baseflight-Configurator GUI. This manual is a baseflight Setup Tuning Guide for SKYLINE32.
If you are using cleanflight firmware, please refer to the below link to download and install cleanflight Configurator: 

Note: with firmware and configuration based on “MultiWii” software, the processor used is not Atmel AVR, and can not be compiled via Arduino or other AVR tools.  
Below is some information about STM32 development: 


  1. Simple a great board, built on a solid design and ultra light review by DMyers on 2/8/2016

    Built a custom 3D Printed 200 size TriCopter with 2204 motors and a 600mA 3S pack and was able to stay under the FAA weight limit using this board. That aside, this board is amazingly powerful, easy to setup with BaseFlight or CleanFlight, connects all my needs (pack voltage, RSSI, ...) with telemetry to my Taranis, is crazy stable with the default settings, provides gimbal tilt for auto correction of my FPV camera tilt (whether you're full forward or just hovering the horizon strays centered for best view of your surroundings. Great board. Thanks Aloft.

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