Fly Dream Altimeter

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It's small, it's light and it measures altitude!

  • The FlyDream Altimeter is a stand-alone unit that that records your models altitude and the ambient temperature during flight. The FD Altimeter is small and very light, making it ideal for mounting in highly weight sensitive aircraft such as DLG's. The Altimeter is powered by the Rx supply and has a voltage range of between 3.7-8.4 volts.

    FlyDream provides a software download that once installed, can be used to view the collected flight data.  After flying your model, remove the altimeter and plug it into your computer with the supplied USB cable and view your flight as a time vs altitude / temperature graph.

    The user manual and the software can be found on this page

    Dimension 21×13×5mm
    Weight 1.3g
    Connector 1.25mm pin
    Operating Voltage 3.7V~8.4V
    Working current 6 mA(4.8V)
    Upload interface USB
    Height range -500m~9000m
    Height precision 0.3m
    Temperature range -20℃~65℃
    Temperature precision 1℃
    Sampling frequency 1Hz/2Hz/4Hz/8Hz
    Storage capacity >63h(1Hz)