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Fly Dream Altitude Permit

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A Motor Run Switch for Altitude Limited Competitions.

  • Here's a nice, lightweight ALES Motor run Switch from Fly Dream.

    The 3.4 gram programmable run switch, plugs in between your models Rx and ESC. The Altitude Permit (AP) can be programmed without being removed from the plane via the included programming card. The AP can be programmed to limit motor run by either time or altitude and also has the popular motor restart feature.

    During flight the AP logs your altitude, which can be later viewed as a time vs altitude graph on your computer; using the included USB adapter cable and free software from FlyDream. 

    As per FAI rules, the AP will display the altitude at which it shut down the motor as well as displaying the highest altitude of that flight. The AP programming card also contains a voltmeter for checking the voltage of your lipo flight pack. (up to 8s)

    You can review the instructions here.


    • Can be programmed for both time and altitude. 
    • Program any altitude quickly without removing the device from your model.
    • Program the AP for motor restarts anytime; under 15 meters or the F5J compliant; no restart.
    • It displays the altitude your motor was shut off per FAI rules.
    • The Programming Card doubles as a battery voltmeter.
    Altitude permit
    Altitude permit
    Programmer unit
    Thermal shrinkage
    Operation voltage/current
    3.5V-8.4V\10mA max.
    3.5V-8.4V\20mA max.
    Working temperature
    Altitude Permit Range
    Time Permit Range