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Top Model Fox MDM1, 4 Meter Glider Deluxe Version

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A 1:3,5 scale model of the aerobatic MDM 1 FOX.

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  • Designed by Edward Marganski the MDM-1 Fox saw its maiden flight in 1993. Designed as a fully aerobatic glider the 2 seater Fox soon garnered a reputation as an excellent aerobatics training ship. Reputed as the only glider capable of full on aerobatics while carrying 2 people (+7/-5 g).

    Top Models Fox is a purely aerobatic model that can also fly in relatively light lift conditions, making it an excellent choice for the pilot transitioning into large scale soaring. It has a broad speed range and a solid inherent stability. The wings are equipped with ailerons, flaps and air-brakes, giving the pilot the necessary control to land in diverse situations as well as having camber, flaperons, reflex and  crow at their fingertips during flight. 

    Construction of the Fox is traditional and strong. The wings are carbon reinforced, obechi sheeted and foam cored, with a unique locking latch which eases wing installation and disassembly. Both the wing and the fuselage have pre installed wiring harnesses, terminated in 15 pin D-sub plugs. This saves both building time and set up / take down time in the field. The fiberglass fuselage is smooth and reflective. It feels sturdy in the hands: flip a couple of scale-like latches and the canopy opens, revealing a detailed interior, replete with scale seats and instrument panels. The Fox's fixed landing wheel, tailwheel, rudder and tow release are also pre-installed, greatly reducing the assembly time of this model, down to servo and receiver installation!

    So there you have it. A beautifully finished, joy to fly, glider for a reasonable amount of money. 


    Click this Link to see some detailed drawings of the plane.




    • Detailed Fuselage: with fiberglass seats and instrument panels.
    • Wing / Fuse electrical plugs and servo extensons pre-installed.
    • Rudder is pre-hinged and installed as is the landing gear, tailwheel and tow hook.
    • All the wing control surfaces are pre-installed; ailerons, flaps, and airbrakes.
    • Graphics are pre-applied.


    Kit Contents:


    • White gel coated, fiberglass fuselage, equipped with fixed landing gear, tail wheel and tow hook pre-installed. Fiberglass seats, instrument panels.
    • Transparent PVC canopy with dual cam lock latches.
    • Wing construction: foam cores reinforced with fiberglass and carbon and skinned in obeche and then skillfully covered in Oracover®. Aileron and flap surfaces are pre-installed as well as the Schempp-Hirth style, metallic airbrakes.
    • Wing joiner: A composite of carbon rod wrapped in kevlar / carbon hybrid fabric. 
    • Horizontal stabilizer molded fiberglass, pre-hinged.
    • High quality hardware (fiberglass control horns, metal clevises, push-rods, screws...).
    • Detailed assembly drawings.



    • Wing span................ 4 meter / 13.12 feet
    • Length...................... 2.130 meter / 6.98 feet
    • Wing Area................ 103 dm² / 1,597 in²
    • Flying Weight........... 8-10 kg / 17.6 - 22 lbs.
    • Wing Loading........... 77.6 - 97 g/dm² / 25.4 - 31.7oz/ft²
    • Airfoil........................ HQ 2/12-2/10



    • ailerons and flaps (4 standard servos)
    • elevator (1 standard servo)
    • rudder (1 standard servo)
    • airbrakes (2 micro servos)
    • retract gear (1 servo STD)
    • tow hook (1 servo STD)

    See assembly drawings for recommended servo torque




    Airfoil HQ 2/12-2/10
    Wingspan 4m / 13.12 feet
    Wing Area 103 dm² / 1597 in²
    Length 2.13m / 6.98 ft
    Empty Weight no info
    RTF Weight 8 - 10kg / 17.6 - 22 lbs.
    Recommended Setup
      • ailerons and flaps (4 standard servos)
      • elevator (1 standard servo)
      • rudder (1 standard servo)
      • airbrakes (2 micro servos)
      • retract gear (1 servo STD)
      • tow hook (1 servo STD)
      • 6 channel radio minimun

      See assembly drawings for recommended servo torque