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FrSky 5dB Module Antenna

FrSky 5dB Module Antenna


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FrSky 5dB Module Antenna

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5dB FrSKY module antenna used to increase the range under certain conditions.

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This 5dB antenna can be used to increase the range of your FrSKY module system.

Note: Does not fit the Taranis.

  1. Increasing the range has limitations review by Oz on 1/4/2013

    FYI, there is no free lunch in this RF distance GAME.

    Most stock antenna have the standard 2dbi antenna (just like your wifi antenna at home on your router). Look up 6dbi colinaer antenna. very simple to make and work wonders for home PC applications, but RC planes is a different animal with the 3D aspect.

    Here is a simple DYI 6DBi antenna'http://martybugs.net/wireless/collinear.cgi
    but has major issues with RC distance, "It's much more directional (flat pancake, with respect to the antenna sold here) than the stock antenna"

    Think of the stock antenna as transmitting like an apple shape (nice and round and great signal to the plane), to get the farther distance, the shape has been flattened out, like a torrtia (or pancake), so the range has been increased quite a bit, but at the expense of flat envelope, not good for RC control, YMMV

    This product is great for wifi, but YMMV for RC aircraft. And simple to make (<$3)

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