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The Improved FrSky 6 Position Mode/Flap Switch

The Improved FrSky 6 Position Mode/Flap Switch


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The Improved FrSky 6 Position Mode/Flap Switch

Quick Overview

Smoother operation and comes with a pigtail that plugs directly into the X9E. Modify your Taranis with this 6 position mode switch. Replaces one of the pots near the top of the radio.

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Much easier to turn than the old switch, this new switch is plug and play into the X9E. X9D users will still need to follow the step by step manual. The 6 position switch can be installed in place of your S1 or S2 pots at the top of your Taranis X9D radio or pots 1 & 5 on the X9E. The result will be a 6 position rotary switch that can be used for flight modes, flap positions, or whatever you can think of. Users asked for this feature, and FrSky listened.  Requires basic soldering skills to install.

Note: While the switch can be made to work via custom curves, etc. The new firmware (OpenTX 2.0) will make this switch much more functional. This firmware is already in place on Taranis Plus & X9E radios.

Note: 2/18/2016 - The new 6 position switch is much improved and easier to turn. For X9E radio users, please note that you may need to grind some plastic on the inside of your radio shell to install this switch.

Instructions can be found here.

  1. 6 position switch review by Kevin on 2/27/2016

    added this switch as an S3 switch. worked perfectly. I only wish Aloft would sell this with a female port to solder into the circuit board so everything could stay plug and play. Aloft is a once in a lifetime hobby shop that beats ebay pricing while giving authorized reseller support!!!

  2. Poor implimentation review by David on 2/20/2016

    I installed this switch in a Taranis E. I expected it to fit in the E in the place of pot F1 or pot F2 without any modifications and the plug it into the corresponding port vacated, redefine the port, calibrate and go. Well it did not work that way. One must mill off the inside of the case and in the world end remove a tab from the switch to be able to have sufficient thread exposed to attach the nut. The knob is a non match for the Taranis E knobs and too small and smooth for the torque required to turn.

  3. Works as desired, but not a super straight-forward swap. review by Matthew on 5/18/2015

    When I first installed this switch into my original Taranis, the values went down as the switch was turned clockwise.

    In case this helps anyone else, or me in the future:
    1. Desolder the old switch
    2. Solder the new switch matching the wire colors to the label. (In my case the GND wire is brown, but attached to VCC. VCC wire is red but attached to GND)
    3. It is imperative to run the Radio Switch Calibration (Long press Menu, Page over to Calibration, Enter to start). Without running this calibration, the pot switch values are not evenly spaced.
    4. If you're using this with APM, Scale the input/mixer weight down to 70, and you should fall within the APM ranges.

    Now it works great, but it would be slightly better if it came with the wires soldered on so they could just be swapped in the connector.

  4. Hit or miss review by Grant on 4/28/2015

    Have bought two so far. First worked great, second was stiff and went full signal at position four. Fixed now, can't complain for the price.

  5. I didn't install it review by Christoffer on 7/29/2014

    There is a rather high resistance to switch between each "notch". Also there is no visual indicator to show where it is positioned, not even a painted line on the knob. This feels like a fairly poor solution, but still a possible solution to the problem.

  6. Switch Modification to Prevent Inter-Position Jumping review by Paul on 6/23/2014

    Hi Guys

    Got one of these and was too a little miffed at the mid selection jumping. So here's what I did to mine to totally cure the issue.


    Its a little fiddly, but hope it helps.

    This is a tough upgrade to rate as the idea is just what we Ardupilot users want but the implementation lacks a little thought.

    (AKA Veri-Gash)

  7. Nice idea, but seems to be a weak implementation review by Rich on 5/28/2014

    I was exicted to see this option for my Taranis, so I ordered it right away.

    As others have said, the detents on the switch positions are very stiff, a little too stiff and hard to turn.

    Also, the range is not very linear. It seems to jump from about the middle range, to the top in five positions (position one is ok), so it's not what you would expect of a servo moving in 6 steps from one end of travel to the other. Plus, as you switch positions, the output jumps to the end for a short moment.

    I'm not sure if some of these issues will be fixed with a new OpenTX firmware. Surely they can't solve the stiff positions with the firmware.

    For now I was able to setup a curve to help to even out the steps of the various positions. I would have hoped that I wouldn't have to do this.

    Because of all these issues, I give it only two stars.

  8. 6 position Switch install review by JFS on 5/17/2014

    Easy install with one caveat, harness might be short if you cut off to far from S1 pot
    Might have to break harness tie to get enough length. I will wait for upgrade to fully
    Implement switch. For now will use the locking ability to control a stabilizer.
    Will rate after full install with software upgrade.
    Switch and instructions of very good quality.****

  9. Poor quality review by Iam on 5/14/2014

    I just installed the 6 position rotory. I'm pretty disappointed with it. Its very stiff and feels crappy. The detents are not at all linear:

    100% 2012ms
    60% 1812ms
    50% 1760ms
    33% 1673ms
    0% 1500ms
    -100% 988ms

    The signal jumps to 100% (2012ms) when in between detents, and this occurs momentarily every time I turn the knob.
    This will cause a servo to have very jumpy behavior, or could confuse the autopilot during mode changes.

    I think I will unsolder this and uninstall.

    (Note: best used with OpenTX 2.0 or above where proper software support for the switch is available.)

  10. Excellent review by Edwin on 5/10/2014

    Easy to install, just de-solder one of the POTs and solder this one.
    For APM flight modes i use the sub-trim option for channel 5 on my Taranis to make all 6 flight modes available.
    Make sure you calibrate your POTs after installation.

    Total process of installation around 10 min.

    Happy Flying!!!

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