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FrSky Airspeed Sensor (SPASS-70) 167mph rated

FrSky Airspeed Sensor (SPASS-70) 167mph rated


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FrSky Airspeed Sensor (SPASS-70) 167mph rated

Quick Overview

Airspeed sensor that works with the FrSky Smart Port based receivers and Taranis transmitters.

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The FrSky air speed sensor was designed for the FrSky smart port enabled system.  With its easy install it is an easy way to get air speed data.  Just install the pitot tube as far away from any prop wash or any disturbed air as possible, install the sensor in the fuselage, run the silicon tubes, and plug into the receiver, or another smart port sensor, and enjoy!

This sensor not only can send speed data to your Taranis, but can also, when set up properly, warn the pilot of low airspeed, log airspeed data, check your top speed, program your radio  automatically drop the landing gear at a preset airspeed, etc.

There are 2 versions of air speed sensors. The SP-ASS-70 can accurately measure airspeed up to 167.7 mph, (270 km\h). The SP-ASS-100 measures up to 223.7 mph, (360 km/h).


Operational Voltage: 4-10 VDC
Current consumption: 20mA@5V
Airspeed Range: 0 - 167 MPH (0 - 270 km/h)
Circuit Board: Weight 7g, Demensions 33.3mm X 22.3mm X 12.6mm
Pitot Tube: Weight 4g, Length 101mm, Diameter 2.6mm
Pitot Tube Hose: Silicon, clear, 1m (3 feet), 2.2mm ID, 3.8mm OD
Compatibility: FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers such as X8R, X6R, X4R, etc. (Will not work with D, V or TFR series.)

  1. Follow-up review review by David on 11/12/2015

    I installed this speed sensor in an extreme flight edge 48". For other aerobatic airplanes I had used the N2 airspeed sensor and had developed an airspeed demand control, previously I called it cruise control. Ex 50% throttle stick was asking for 50mph adjusting power when climbing, descending or doing maneuvers to try and hold speed. When I tried using the airspeed control on my edge with this airspeed sensor the system hunted or surged. Decided to slow the power demand by .2 seconds up and down, and system is working equivalent to my other planes with N2 sensors now. More playing to follow but looks like a great sensor for the price.
    I should add like the N2 sensor this sensor does appear to cut out at low speed and report zero airspeed below a low threshold. It does appear to be a bit lower than the N2 airspeed sensor but have not made a detailed comparison of that. It is low enough with both sensors that it creates no issue for me.

  2. Works great review by David on 10/13/2015

    Installed the SPASS-70 in my newest plane, an extreme flight edge 48in. Have reviewed telemetry and it appears to work just as well as the N2 systems airspeed sensor has in the past. Have not tried using it as the sensor for my cruise control system as I have done with the N2 sensor.

    The sensor itself is a little smaller than the N2 sensor which makes it easier to install in the wing. The pitot tube is the same diameter and mounts similarly.

    All in all it is a great piece of telemetry and as always with Frsky a great value.

  3. Excellent addition to the Xseries telemetry range. review by Timothy on 9/3/2015

    I haven't used this sensor in the air yet but temporarily connected it up today and it looks great. On the Taranis, ASpd rather than Spd will show when I blow through the end of the Pitot tube, maybe Spd is speed from a connected GPS. Supplied is a length of what looks like good quality silicon tubing which to have to run 2 lengths to the device. Not much else to say really. I'll probably configure the Taranis to read out airspeed when I throw a switch.

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