FrSky Archer GR6 - ACCESS Glider Receiver

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FrSky's glider receiver with ACCESS support built in

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  • The GR6 is a great choice for any glider pilot, with an integrated high-precision vario that provides altitude and velocity telemetry. Utilizing the SBUS port, this receiver can be used as a redundant receiver with another SBUS capable FrSky receiver. ACCESS also allows over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades, increased range and telemetry performance, configurable telemetry output power, and configurable S.Port / F.Port.

    The radio will need to be running the most recent IXJT v2.1.x firmware to use Archer receivers!


    • ACCESS protocol with Over The Air (OTA)
    • Built-in Upgraded variometer sensor
    • Supports signal redundancy (SBUS In)
    • Full control range with telemetry 
    • S.Port / F.Port
    • External battery / device voltage detection
    • IPEX 4 Antenna connection

    33 x 15 x 9.7 mm (L x W x H)
    Number of SBUS channels16/24 Configurable SBUS Channels
    Number of PWM channels6 High-precision PWM Channels
    Operating Voltage Range
    3.5 - 10V
    Operating Current
    55mA @ 5V
    Control Range
    Full range* with telemetry
    (*Full Range: >2km, range may vary based on local conditions.)
    Variometer Measurement Range
    Altimeter Range & Resolution: -700m to 10000m & 0.1m
    Vertical Speed Range
    Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device)
     0 - 3.3V
    All FrSky ACCESS transmitters