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FrSky Archer SR10 PRO

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FrSky's 10 channel, stabilized, redundant ACCESS receiver. 

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  • Introducing the FrSky SR10 Pro. This monster of a receiver features a whopping 10 precision PWM channels, more than any other FrSky receiver. 

    The main feature is the 3 axis gyro and accelerometer, these allow for an advanced stbilization of your aircraft. The stabilization can be configured via LUA or the FrSky S.port Airlink+ combined with either the Freelink app or your computer. Turn it on or off and fine tune the values from your FrSky radio. 

    Inside is the exciting ACCESS RF protocol allowing for greater range, lower latency, faster telemetry and wireless firmware updates. 

    You can use it in a redundant signal setup when coupled with any other SBUS capable FrSky ACCESS receiver and is equipped with dual XT30 battery inputs for power redundancy. 

    Other awesome features include configurable telemetry power, Anti Spark Ignition Interference for you gassers and vibration resistance.

    The radio will need to be running the most recent IXJT v2.1.x firmware to use Archer receivers!


    • ACCESS protocol with Over The Air (OTA)
    • Built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer sensor
    • Multiple flight modes and configuration methods (LUA & Freelink)
    • Supports signal redundancy (SBUS In)
    • Supports power redundancy (Dual battery ports)
    • Full control range with telemetry
    • S.Port / F.Port / F.Port 2.0
    • Anti-interference in spark-ignition
    • Anti-Vibration
    • External battery / device voltage detection


    Dimensions48.5 x 33 x 17mm
    Number of PWM Channels10 High Precision PWM Channels
    Number of SBUS Channels16 Configurable SBUS Channels
    Voltage Range3.5 - 10v
    Operating Current<60mA@5V
    Range>2km, range may vary based on local conditions.)
    Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device)
    0 - 36v
    CompatibilityAll FrSky ACCESS Transmitters