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FrSky DFT -Futaba Transmitter Telemetry Module

FrSky DFT -Futaba Transmitter Telemetry Module

Regular Price: $23.60

Special Price $22.66

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FrSky DFT -Futaba Transmitter Telemetry Module

Quick Overview

Telemetry Module that fits many Futaba Transmitters.

Regular Price: $23.60

Special Price $22.66

Availability: In stock


The DFT telemetry transmitter module is a great choice if your transmiter is compatable with the Futaba modules.

The Telemetry Radio System developed by FrSky provides an additional return link that is used for monitoring the Rx’s voltage, poor receiver reception, temperature, location, speed and so on.

The module is compatible with both the V8-series (non-telemetry) and the D-Series (telemetry) receivers.

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 Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST SYSTEM) achieves highly reliable link in interference rich environments.
Easy to bind and instant link-up
Excellent reboot times
All channels failsafe
Quick response
Very smooth servo movement
Alarm on events of receiver (low battery voltages, poor reception, etc.)
Error-free link, by using 48bits CRC algorithm
Low power consumption
Firmware upgradable


V8  Series: (Non-telemetry receivers)
V8FR-HV, V8R7-HV, V8R7-SP, V8R4

D Series: (Telemetry receivers)

Compatible with the following transmitters:
3PM, 3PK, 7U, 8U, 9C, 10C, 9Z, AND FN-Series, T10C, FC-18, FC-28
Optic 6, Eclipse 7, Prism 7 
WFT09, WFT-08


Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-13.0V
Operating Current: 50mA
Output Power: 60mW
Resolution: 11bit (3072)

  1. Works in the Futaba 9CAP review by Art on 9/26/2015

    So far so good in a Futaba 9C TX. Used it to test with a "foamy" so really haven't verified range...but was rock-solid in performance. I have only two minor complaints though: 1) The FRSky module casing seems to be ever-so-slightly bigger than the Futaba module, so much so that it requires the FRSky module to be nearly perfectly aligned before it will snap into position on the TX. With a little finesse, the module fit. 2) SInce I purchased a non-telemetry FRSky receiver, I had to change a switch position on the module. The included directions were clear, but it took me three tries to achieve TX/RX binding because the switches on the module were not labeled. Thus, the three tries were trial and error. After further module inspection, I found that the ID decal on the module slightly covered up the switch identification. It would be nice to include a simple graphic in the directions to show which switch is which. OR, redesign the decal so it will not cover up the switch IDs. Anyway, once I got past these minor issues, the module worked as advertised...so far. Pending successful testing, I intend to purchase more FRSky products. THANKS for keeping your prices low!

  2. Great Product and Service review by Mike on 11/19/2014

    I upgraded my fleet to 2.4 a number of years ago with a new Futaba high end transmitter and Futaba receivers. Recently I bought a few FrSky/Futaba FASST receivers and liked the way they worked.

    The 2.4 upgrade left my older Futaba 9C Super on 72mhz unused. From my positive experience with the FrSky/Futaba FASST receivers I decided that the FrSky DFT telemetry module would be a great way to upgrade the Futaba 9C Super and put it back in use with the latest telemetry features. I also purchased the FrSky FLD-02 LCD display to program low voltage alarms in the DFT telemetry module. I’m using a FrSky D8r-II Plus receiver and it all works very well.

    The service provided by Aloft Hobbies is really great and gave me a lot of confidence that I’d made the right decision.

  3. First Timer review by Russell on 10/29/2014

    I have been flying for over 15 years. I have used real basic 72 all the way up to advanced 72 transmitters. I have been wanting to convert over to 2.4G for awhile now but I have so much invested in the old system I was reluctant....It worked, why change? I ran into this system online and figured it would be a great way to transition. I had an old 8U transmitter that I thought would be great to switch.

    Well all I can say was that was easy. It took about 30 seconds to set and bind with a D8R receiver and it works. I can't wait to get it out and try it and I think I am sold on the company...Looks like good solid equipment...I think the next up is going to be a Taranis plus.

  4. Excellent on Hitec review by Warren on 8/6/2014

    Very reliable on my old Hitec radio. I like it better than my brand S radio and I like the low price also.

  5. No longer a spektrum fan review by Joe on 3/18/2014

    I had this ancient Futaba 8UAP radio which I decided to upgrade, I wish I knew about FRSky before I purchased a Spektrum DM8 with receivers, everything was going ok until one fateful day when I was flying with a couple of friends. The DSM2 protocal looks for 2 "free" channels before binding then locks on those 2 ONLY for the entire flight session.

    Well one day the Spektrum DM8 and AR7000 took over 3 minutes to bind and I said to myself, that's enough of that, I can't afford to lose a plane because of interference on the 2 channels. After lots of research, I found that the FRsky D8R with DFT were the best money can buy, binds instantly, reboots instantly, and feels more solid and connected than I ever felt with the Spektrums. There's no looking back now, even range checks are easier with FRSky, press the Range Check button, walk away until it starts beeping funny, then push the button again and you're good to go.

    Easy as Pie. I highly recommend this module along with the D8R and Aloft for excellent service!!!

  6. Great fit. review by Michael on 3/17/2014

    Module fit right into my 8U without any issues and bound right up with the FrSky receiver. Fast shipping as well. Will be testing soon.


  7. Impressive features. Don't let the price fool you. review by kevinv033 on 6/15/2013

    This module combined with one of the telemetry receivers is an extremely great deal. I have been flying this for about a year. IMHO, the best feature of a basic module and receiver is the alarm/alert system when your RC signal degrades or is getting weak. The transmitter module will start alerting you with beeps when you signal is getting weak or degrades to a dangerous level. I fly multirotors + FPV and I skip installing OSD due to limited space. This Tx/Rx combo gives me the confidence, knowing that I will be alerted before my RC signal gets lost.

  8. Great Value review by JimS on 1/16/2013

    I was so impressed I bought 6 more receivers. It works perfectly with my Optic6

  9. For Hitec or Futaba transmitters ,an easy ,low cost way to move up to 2.4Ghz in combination with a DR8-II or DR8-II plus receiver. review by RC Ace on 9/23/2012

    For less than $60 you can have a reliable 8 channel telemetry system. A first class product. Worked perfectly on every flight. I have just purchased another receiver based on its' quality , performance and features.

  10. Great system - Very happy. review by Sam on 1/9/2012

    Simple - plug and play system, and offers so much more then my old Spektrum system, and it cost less too!

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