FrSky G-RX6

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Variometer, Lower latency, Increased range, Redundancy.

  • The G-RX6 receiver incorporates all of the functions of X6R. It features 6 high precision PWM outputs and low latency. The PWM output is 9ms faster than the G-RX6 in high speed mode. The G-RX6 also supports redundancy, this means you can connect another receiver as a back-up in the case that the first one fails. If all that wasn't enough, the G-RX6 and the whole RX-line has an increased operating range of up to 40% compared to the previous X series receivers.


    • Higher precision PWM and Low latency PWM output
    • High Precision Variometer
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Supports Redundancy Function
    • Smart Port and Telemetry enabled 
    • Battery voltage detection supported
    • IPEX 4 Antenna Connections
    • PCB protected with Conformal Coat 


    21.1×17×7.3mm  (L×W×H)
    Weight2.6g (including antennas)
    Number of Channels
    16CH (1-6CH PWM outputs, 1-16CH SBUS OUT port)
    Operating Voltage Range
    Operating Current
    Operating Range
    Servo Frame Rate
    9ms (HS—High Speed Mode) / 18ms (FS—Normal Speed Mode)