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FrSky GRX8 Vario Rx

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We had a FrSky receiver designed specifically for gliders pilots.

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  • What do you get if you squish an X8R and an HP Vario into a small 6 gram package? You get a G-RX8!

    We are grateful to FrSky for entertaining our idea for a specialized glider receiver. The G-RX8's design features really help it to stand out from the crowd, as it is the only receiver that we know of that has a built in variometer, satellite/redundancy capability as well as telemetry.

    Small in form factor, the G-RX8 can be installed in gliders with restricted payload bays such as DLG's and high performance slopers. Not needing to install an additional altimeter/variometer also saves room and weight. 

    The built in barometer provides altitude telemetry and a variometer.  The variometer sounds both ascending and descending tones, so you will know whether you are in lift or sink without having to look at your transmitter.

    For a little extra confidence you can connect another receiver to the G-RX8. A redundant receiver or satellite, as they are commonly known, helps to improve your aircraft's signal reception under difficult circumstances; such as specking out or all carbon airframes, flying sites with considerable radio frequency noise. While the satellite receiver can be any of FrSky's SBUS equipped receivers we recommend the XM+. 

    The firmware is also updatable.


    Be mindful of battery polarity when connecting to the G-RX8. If it is plugged in backwards it may be damaged. Sorry, warranty does not cover this mistake. FrSky is working to improve this issue.

    We recommend using only Digital servos with the G-RX8 if it is set to the 9ms PWM timing option. 

    If you decide to update the G-RX8 firmware, it is easier to use the FrSky STK rather than plugging the G-RX8 into the transmitter module bay. 

    Additional information can be found here in the RC Groups G-RX8 forum.

    Dimensions 55x17x8mm
    Weight 5.8g
    Operating Voltage DC 3.6V~10V
    No. of Channels 8 ch PWM, 16 ch. SBUS
    Current Consumption 100mA@5V
    Operating Range Full Range
    Module Compatibility D16 Mode