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FrSky High Precision Vario (FVAS-02H)

FrSky High Precision Vario (FVAS-02H)

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  • Plenty of cables are included.

FrSky High Precision Vario (FVAS-02H)

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Quick Overview

FrSKY High Precision Vario Sensor monitors atmospheric pressure and reports altitude and changes in pressure, indicating lift for glider pilots.

Regular Price: $21.70

Special Price $20.83

Availability: In stock


The FrSky High Precision Variometer measures the rate of change of altitude by detecting the change in air pressure (static pressure) as altitude changes. When used with the FrSky Taranis transmitter you can create a true glider vario with tones that indicate lift and sink, a feature usually costing several hundred dollars for other radio systems.


  • Capable of connecting directly to the telemetry receivers without the sensor hub.
  • Backwardly compatible with existing sensor hub and sensors.
  • Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission.


  • Variometer sensor
  • -700 ~ 10000m (-2,300' - 32,800') with 0.1m (3.9") resolution
  • Voltage: 4 -10 
  • Current: 30 mA
  • Dimensions: 31.1mm x 18.3mm  x 6mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 3.1g
  • Units: Metric or British units
  1. It's Versitile. review by David on 9/14/2015

    I have used this vario for F5J glider practice, I’ve set the Taranis TX and D4R-II RX to give me a verbal readout of my altitude at 30 seconds and 40 seconds after throttle up giving me an accurate idea of what a model is capable of on launch. In vario mode, I get a good read of what thermal activity is like on the day. So far it has done everything I’ve asked it to do accurately.
    Next test is to set the Taranis to reduce throttle to 25% when reaching maximum allowable legal altitude for our field, with, a verbal warning to let you know you have reached max altitude.
    A great product Aloft Hobbies, many thanks.

  2. works great review by DaddyBigas on 11/19/2014

    I have this installed in my Radian and it works great. Affordable as well. Recommended.

  3. lightweight, economical training tool for glider pilots review by Steven on 8/23/2014

    I use this with my old JR 8103, upgraded with a Frsky module, FLD2 display and D4RII rx. Setup wasn't too difficult but did take a little research on the web as the instructions with the frsky products are pretty minimal.

    I'm fairly new to gliders and fly on my own. This unit answers 2 basic questions when you're learning to soar: how high is my glider, and was that lift I just flew through? I'm finding with this setup there's a bit of lag between the time you enter some lift and the unit starts to signal but in some ways that helps me as I'm starting to recognize how the plane reacts first, then the beeps confirm it.

    I highly recommend this as a training tool for beginning sailplane pilots.

  4. Awesome vario review by NCBob on 7/19/2014

    It only took me like 30 seconds to install in my glider, and just a few minutes to program the telemetry display and a switch to turn the vario tones off and on and it's working like a champ.

    Can't wait to take it out to the field and fly it tomorrow, I think I'm going to fall in love with my glider again!!!

  5. Very nice unit, no issues in a month of use. review by Matthew on 6/6/2014

    I love this unit, I threw it in my Radian Pro along with a Lipo Sensor and set it up so I can get every piece of info I need read back to me without taking my eyes off my glider. Really helps when you are "specking out" at (for that size glider) about 1200ft. I left the Vario Settings on the stock settings but did put it on a switch, (I don't always fly with an ear bud so it might get annoying to some folks) and I don't need it all the time. It is nice though to be able to tell what is going on, I caught the beginning of what could have been a wing twister of a dive when I lost sight of the aircraft for a second. The Vario's pitch told me I was in a steep dive even when I could not at that moment see it. Very nice to have and the altimeter reading is great to play when your standing next to somebody who says Radian Pro's aren't worth owning....
    Sometimes I daisy chain my GPS module into it as well, to get speed readouts etc. My club is just now starting to hear about this system, and are blown away by the system, the features and the price.

  6. Wow Wow Wow (Three times, capital W please!!!) review by Captain P2A on 6/5/2014

    I must confess I have had mixed experiences with previous vario version, but this one is a 21st century leap forward...
    Coupled with a Taranis and latest OpenTx 2.0,1... I have rediscoved similar feelings I had when I was soaring the real-sized gliders...
    No more approximation in the thermal , the bip-bip confirms you are centered and the vocal altimeter on the taranis gives your score every 10 seconds....

    Exactly what I was looking for... Thanks Fr-Sky and Thanks Aloft-Hobbies for first class service...

    Reordering another one for my larger glider and some other goodies to go full s-bus (good bye naughty hub :) )

  7. Decent but needs improvement in the audio variometer review by Pete on 4/8/2014

    I'm coming from a Pitlab audio vario which has very nice audio comparable to full scale variometers.
    The Frksy unit is pretty jumpy and hard to decipher. However the audio altitude readout is excellent and accurate so a software update may be able to to turn this into a very good unit
    Video of audio:
    (Note from Aloft - Yes, new Taranis firmware will offer many new sound options for the Vario! 4/8/2014)

  8. excellent review by D on 4/1/2014

    Very accurate, and fast,used with a total energy probe setup.

  9. Fantastic product review by Dave on 11/22/2013

    What an amazing device. I'm just starting the glider thing, so imagine having voice call outs of altitude and vertical speed, up or down, and the vario tone!

    Like all frsky products, you need to ask others how best to use it.

  10. Just tried out the Frsky Vario. It worked great! review by Bruce on 7/29/2013

    When used with the FrSky Taranis radio it sends the vario tone and the altitude down to the radio over the telemetry channel. I just paid $300 not too long ago for a SkyMelody vario and this one does everything it can do.

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