FrSky Horus X10S

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At long last! The Horus X10S has arrived!

Yes, these have the updated charging system.

  • This is the souped up version of the Horus X10. This version of the X10 is sporting FrSky's new flagship gimbal the MC12P. Entirely CNC'd from aluminum and riding on 10 ball bearings, this new gimbal not only feels super smooth, but flies super smooth. How, you ask? The additional precision comes from the Hall Effect encoder system now being digital instead of analog. This means the gimbals are more sensitive, have a higher resolution which results in greater precision. The new all metal housing, the 10 ball bearings and the digital encoders, all culminate into a gimbal / flying experience that's just a little better, than it ever has been.

    Unfamiliar with the Horus X10? If so read on.

    Q. What is an  X10?

    A. FrSky combined the best features of the X9D and the X12 into a new radio. 

    Start off with the great looks of the radio, now add the best color screen in the business, Hall Effect gimbals, great ergonomics and basically everything else people have been asking for on previous FrSky radios, and you have a home run

    The first two things that immediately struck me about the X10, was it's lighter weight than the Horus X12S and how comfortable it was to hold. The gimbals are velvety smooth and the switches and pots feel very nice to the touch. The neck strap mount is a new design; sturdy but not intrusive and hangs the radio at the correct angle.

    The X10 comes programmed with FrSky's easy to use, menu driven operating system, FrOS. For those of you who desire more flexibility than a menu driven OS can offer, the X10 also supports the outstanding OpenTX firmware. The X10 has a 480 x 272 TFT daylight readable color screen. The large color screen and encoder wheel make navigation and programming quicker and easier than on an X9D, and not by a small margin either. To round out the touchable stuff, the X10 comes with the very smooth feeling, M10 Hall effect gimbals. 

    Next on the features list are the two internal transmission antennas. Mounted at a 45° angle in addition to a removable, 2db external antenna. The radio is powered by a 2600mAh Li-ion battery that is charged using a provided external smart charger; runtime is approximately 9hrs between charges. One of the advantages of the Li-ion battery pack is the quick recharge times, about 1.5 hours for a very low battery. 

    For those of you who are not familiar with FrSky radio systems the X10 comes with an internal iXJT+ transmitter,  but also has a module bay built into the back of the radio that can run different transmitting modules. If you would prefer to use a different protocol, an assortment of modules can be found here. 

    All of the same great qualities as the other FrSky transmitters:

    • 16 channels (32 channels when combined with an external XJT or Ranger module)
    • Ball bearing gimbals equipped with Hall Effect sensors 
    • High Resolution TFT, Transflective Screen, visible in direct sunlight
    • Antenna malfunction detection and SWR telemetry
    • 2 internal antennas and one external removable antenna (can operate on either option)
    • Audible Speech Alerts (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
    • Safety power switch (no accidental power downs)
    • Li-ion battery pack 
    • 6 position encoder 
    • FrSky FrTX OS
    • Option to install OpenTX
    • Protected Internal Antennas
    • JR Style Module Bay (to expand you RF options)
    • Full Telemetry · RSSI indication and alarms 
    • USB and SD card slot for system expansion 
    • Data Logging 
    • Trainer Port

     Whats included:

    • FrSky Horus X10 transmitter
    • Soft shell travel case
    • Neckstrap
    • Wall mount charge adapter (new style with barrel connector!)
    • 2 Gimbal protectors