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FrSky L9R - Long Range 9/12 Channel Receiver

FrSky L9R - Long Range 9/12 Channel Receiver


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FrSky L9R - Long Range 9/12 Channel Receiver

Quick Overview

FrSky's L9R has about twice the range of any other 2.4 receiver on the market today! That is no small claim.

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FrSky's L9R receiver features 12 available channels (9 via normal PWM outputs and all 12 channels on the dedicated Sbus output). 

What really makes this FrSky receiver stand out from the rest is the long range capabilities. How long? Testing shows it is reliably twice the range of FrSky's telemetry receivers, some claim more. And their telemetry receivers are well know for their range. How did FrSky do this? They did more then just rub some of the magical FrSky dust on it. They have been working on this receiver for a long time, and advanced filter makes this receiver work with a bone stock FrSky Taranis or FrSky XJT module. Yep, you heard it, nothing special is needed to double your range!

Be aware that this is not a telemetry receiver. When flying at these ranges, you will probably be using an On Screen Data (OSD) video system for your telemetry needs. So the L9R has no built in telemetry, but it will output the RSSI levels so you can feed them to your OSD. RSSI output = analog voltage (0~3.3V)

You are probably wondering about the antennas on the L9R. FrSky refers to these as PCB antennas and they are essential to the L9R. 

Dimension: 46.5mm x 27mm x 14.4mm (1.83" x 1.06" x .56")
Weight: 19g (.67 oz)
Operating Voltage Range: 4V-10.0V
Operating Current: 100mA@5V 
Operating Range: >3km (Full Range)
RSSI output: analog voltage output (0~3.3V)

FrSky Taranis, X9D or the XJT module in LR12 mode

L9R has a bind protocol that differs from the X series - The failsafe is set to last signal by default, so the user must ensure to set the failsafe to work as preferred. Failsafe cannot be set from the TX, so the manual should be consulted for the correct procedure.

The L9R must be used with the supplied PCB antennas as they are part of a finely tuned system to reach these ranges.

  1. Updated review. review by Kjell on 9/11/2015

    I want to update my previous review. Longest flight to date is 7,1 km with standard Taranis. RSSI in the 50 - 60% range via Vector flight controller.
    This receiver is incredible.

  2. This is a topp receiver for FPV review by Kjell on 7/15/2015

    I have been out to 5,1 km with this receiver and a standard Taranis with 2db antenna. RSSI in the 60 - 70% range. Rock solid radio link.

  3. Great FRSKY L9R review by Dan on 3/22/2015

    I put this on a Phoenix 2000 glider for FPV. And so for it working out great. I don't fly out far, I like to fly up really high. So far I have not hit its limits. I just bought a CYCLOPS Tornado OSD. So I can will see how far it will go or high. I live in a norther state, far from people. I would like if it did have telemetry. So rssi

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